10 of the most famous haunted places in the world

Forget all about amusement park haunted houses. You can do far better that cheap contrived thrills; you can see the real thing when you visit the places on our top 10 haunted places list. The following places are known for their paranormal phenomena and apparitions of all kinds.

1. The house of Amityville, New York (USA): the Lutz family moved into the house of Amityville who witnessed a few months earlier, the assassination of Ronald DeFeo Junior of his parents and four siblings. The Lutz held only 28 days in the house they thought it haunted. The family that succeeded them did, however, to complain of no mind.

2. The Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia (USA): the practices of this former prison were odious and pushed some prisoners to madness. Now a museum, some tourists claim to have heard disembodied laughter and some suspicious shadows. Enough to maintain the myth.

3. Edinburgh Castle (Scotland): 900 years of history in the bag, punctuated by clashes, disappearances and other "phenomena" unexplained assured the fortress a solid reputation as a nest for ghosts.

4. The battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania (USA): the battle of Gettysburg lasted three days and was one of the bloodiest in the history of America. It is not unusual to come across today, the souls of young soldiers killed in battle, but having a little difficulty with this untimely death.

5. Planting Myrtles, Louisiana (USA): Although the place is home, allegedly, several ghosts, it's Chloe, a young slave plantation in the 19th century, who terrorized the more sensitive souls. An amputated ear by his boss for listening at the doors, she would be avenged by poisoning the two daughters of the latter. It is rare not to cross in the vicinity of the plantation.

6. The Queen Mary, California (United States): the spirits are not afraid of water and the majestic ship would house a few ghosts like those of a sailor who died in the engine room, a "lady in white" and a handful of kids drowned in the pool of the boat.

7. The Tower of London (England): built by William the Conqueror, this former prison was also the scene of mass executions. Among the ghosts dragging in the area include that of Anne Boleyn, the wife of Henry VIII and Henry Becket, Archbishop of Canterbury.

8. The Whaley House, California (United States): classified as "haunted" by the very serious U.S. Department of Commerce, the Whaley house, was well known as his architect and future tenant was James Whaley. There would be harvested more evidence of the presence of mind of Jim Robinson, hanged a century ago on the site.

9. The White House, Washington (USA): the famous home of U.S. presidents would be the seat of real meetings between its former inhabitants. It should not therefore be surprised to come across the ghost of the wife of John Adams (second president of the United States) doing in laundry.

10. The Winchester Mystery House, California (USA): the presence of this house in this ranking does only fabrications of Sarah Winchester who, after losing her husband and children, went to see a psychic. The latter told him that ghosts had cooled his offspring and his own half. This seems enough for the U.S. Department of Commerce considers the place as not very clear.

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