Love Baseball -- Tour the Ballparks

By: Joshua F.

With spring training well underway, and the start of baseball season right around the corner, it couldn't be a better time for you to go on a trip with your family to visit baseball stadiums across the country. With 30 teams in the American league and the National League that span the United States and parts of Canada, there are plenty of stadiums to see across the country. Every baseball stadium holds something different and unique to it so you get a fresh experience each time you visit a baseball park. Baseball has forever been a part of American past time and I feel anybody around the world would be missing out if they haven't seen a few baseball games in stadiums across the country.

This is an image of the minor league Lexington Legends ballpark in Lexington, Kentucky and was added to this article by the Editor.

image: Lexington Legends ballpark in Lexington, Kentucky from behind home plate.

But figuring out what stadiums to visit and where to go can be a big hassle especially if your new to being a baseball fan. The solution to this is to visit the major league baseball website where you can navigate between each baseball teams official websites. On each of these websites you will find information about the team, contact and location information, and buying tickets over the web if you plan to visit one of their stadiums. Along with that they will have a full layout of the season's schedules. This added feature can help you see what team is playing where and when. This will help you plan out your schedule, as it is very important to note that there are only 162 games during the year. That said you should be able to see some good games if you're traveling.

Some of my favorite baseball fields would have to be Safeco Field, and Yankee Stadium. Safeco field is the stadium that houses the very popular Seattle Mariners. The stadium can hold about 50,000 people inside it when it's completely full, and is famously known for being the first sports stadium in history to have a retractable roof. Since Seattle rains a lot, the Mariners found it in their best interest to have a retractable roof so there won't be any rain delays. Because of this Seattle have never had a rain delay since Safeco field opened back in 1999. So if you go visit Safeco field you know without a doubt you are going to see a baseball game. That said the other stadium I have been to and recommend for anybody would be Yankee stadium. The New York Yankees have a history being one of the greatest franchises in baseball and for any sports fan to see the history of this historic franchise. The Stadium is the second and was opened up in 2007 after the old Yankee Stadium had to go. Seeing the new stadium with all of its restaurants, and shopping areas can be fun for anybody, even if they aren't a sports fan.

In hopes of you visiting some of the great baseball stadiums around the country, I would hope you have a fun team with any home team.

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