10 Great places to visit at night

When we travel the days are easy to fill but the fun need not stop when the sun goes down. When we talk about nightlife in travel, we generally think a restaurant, bar, nightclub, strictly speaking concerts and shows. You can skip the bars and the music on a few nights to view some of the world's great night spots that don't involve bars or drinking.

1. The night markets in Taiwan
All cities have their own night market where you can stroll and shop until dawn. We do not find elsewhere both tourists and local. In Taipei, "Snake Alley" as the name suggests has the distinction of selling snake next to a little more traditional products. Remember that we pass through customs at the back, too.

2. Admire the full moon in Yosemite Valley, California, USA
Tourism shrinking from no aberration, it is a lunar phenomenon that Californians trying to sell you the "Moonlight Tower." For two hours, a small train walking down the valley and offer the most beautiful night view of the famous park, waterfalls, etc.. Well, it seems still not as disgusting program.

3. Bioluminescent waters of Vieques, Puerto Rico
In Bahia Mosquito, strange insects light up the bottom of the sea and provide a wonderful night show. The official scientific explanation claims that the slightest movement in these insects triggers a chemical reaction. Not to say we found where the swinging insects Chernobyl.

4. Stargazing at Mauna Kea, Hawaii, USA
The Island has a huge observatory where you can rent telescopes to spend the whole night watching stars. The view is even more beautiful than the altitude and low light pollution. It's the same in the Puy de Dome, certainly.

5. A night safari in Singapore
Ultra-famous, this safari is also frequented by locals. 8 parts of Asia and Africa are represented. Note that if you do not have the desire or the means to go up to Singapore, there are (almost) the same thing at the Museum of Natural History in Marseille, from 6 years.

6. IN A Night Safari 4 x 4 in Australia
As everyone knows, Australians are only Americans to Vegemite, as they do the same thing as everyone else, but with engines, and if possible, large wheels. So it's the same as in Singapore, but different, with more tricks jumping oranges.

7. Walking through the jungle in Block Rock Lodge, Belize
Armed with a flashlight and your Quechua rising, we follow a guide through the jungle in search of nocturnal animals, including howler monkeys, snakes, tarantulas, and large ants. Have fun.

8. WaterFire in Providence, Rhode Island, USA
WaterFire is the name given to the sculptures installed on Lake Providence, in the city center. This is both an artwork and a fire show and music permanently short, even a modest facility, proportional to the size of the city (170,000 inhabitants). Its creator, Barnaby Evans, was awarded the "Renaissance" to have revitalized the city and generated some traffic. I must say that it's easier to go to Santiago del Compostella to Providence.

9. The Northern Lights in the Yukon, Canada
Between April and August, the northern lights fuse in the sky above the Yukon. Canadians have installed all the gear so you can enjoy the spectacle quiet cushy.

10. Skiing in the snow in Quebec
Mont-Saint-Anne, the station is open every night of the winter sports that admire the stars, failing to shine on the slopes. If the view is breathtaking, chances are that nobody notices this great wallow.

11. (Bonus) out in Paris (yes)
Music, movies (sometimes outdoors), theaters, cabarets, opera, music festival, sleepless nights, etc. The capital is full of classic or unusual activities. For many provincial, it's almost like going abroad, right? Not to mention all the nocturnal visits of tourist spot such as Mont-Saint-Michel, the Alhambra in Granada, the Louvre, Alcatraz, etc.

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